Dreams Of Falling

by Sandra Bell

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This is the repress of ‘Dreams of Falling’, the first album by musician and poet Sandra Bell, from New Zealand. <<The record was born after a discussion with Peter Jefferies in Dunedin, about rerecording the song ‘Industrial Night ‘.I had known Peter vaguely from Auckland but never worked with him. ‘Industrial Night’ was on my first vinyl release the EP “Blackbirds” which I had recorded in Auckland, and I wanted to reinterpret it. For the next year, from the end of 1990 until the end of 1991, we also recorded a back log of my other songs on and off at our home in Maitland St, and also Fish St and Studio 13. Peter was a master of the Teac 4 track, and of musical arrangement. I was able to experiment and realise the potential of each song with his advanced skills. It seems miraculous looking back now that it was all done on 4 tracks, bouncing down at times and using two 4 tracks at one time for other tracks. I remember a cut in a song meant an actual cut of the tape, which Peter did with precision and skill. The wonderful musicians who played on the album took the songs from mundane to sublime- David Mitchells lead break on Industrial Night was exhilarating and exciting, Kathy Bull added clever bass lines, Peter’s industrial drumming was a constant force, Alastair Galbraith’s violin, Bruce Bluchers guitar, and the unmistakable distorted keyboards of Peter Gutteridge all added intrinsically to the final sound . Actually Peter Gutteridge recently said to me about Subway Nihilism” I should have got a co- writing credit for that song” as it was created in a session at Maitland St, when I put a poem to his riff, so he was right about that. A couple of the songs where influenced by a spell living alone in the Queensland rain forest- Manai is influenced by aboriginal music and legend, as was Waitawhile, which is the name of a spikey rainforest plant. The Country girls is a song for my sister Jean, about the loss of our mother when we were young. Floating aground was written about Aramoana- Peter and I had been inside for a few days totally absorbed in recording-I was speaking to my elderly neighbour who told me 13 people had been killed at Aramoana, I thought she was completely mad, but so sadly it was true. We were at Aramoana for a memorial service, and walking along the beach there were flowers in the water, which reminded me of St Marie De La Mere in the Sth of France, where the gypsys take an effigy of St Marie into the sea each year. Dreams of Falling was picked up by Xpressway who had released Peter’s album, then by Turbulence in Belgium, and opened up a new world for me which led on to another 3 albums, tours of America and Europe.>>

Sandra Bell

In loving memory of Peter Gutteridge (1962 - 2014)


released January 15, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Industrial Night
look down, look down, look down into the industrial night / i got a postcard of tulips and heard the sound of a person walking, dressed in black coats, over woobly cobblestones / and in the cafe we laughed and laughed, and the laughter was the colour of our dissatisfaction / i am connected to concrete, i am connected to pipes, i am connected to neons, in the industrial night / i was angry and broke a plate. i was angry and didn't break a plate and the anger it went inside, and tried to get out of my body / it was old and worn, but many people lived in it.
the pulled it down, it symbolized part of us / all the events that had happened there all the moods and the subleties of our togetherness was entrenched in the walls and trees
Track Name: Manai
from across the ocean, an island stood / I'll tell you a story, a story of the sun / of a man who left his lover to die beneath the sea and forever faces the sea / manai / see the broken islands coming home to you / see the distant island coming home, coming home to you / manai / wrap your arms around me / wrap your arms, wrap your arms around me / tell me why my lover, why my lover, why manai / your heart will find a place, your heart will find a way
Track Name: Lost Train
lost train / the names of stations flash by at midnight / square rooms with floors so clean / like seas of hygienic emptiness / birds of a feather flock together / drum beats of tin touch the heart / birds of a feather lost together / flying helter skelter
Track Name: Wait-a-while
here red earth has formed / dry land burns / watch out for the wait-a-while / he wants to take you home
Track Name: Inner State
I'm in a state, in a state yeah / it's a fact i can't dictate this feeling / I'm in a state, can't relate to reason / I might as well tell you the details, I'm hoping the judge will understand me / I hear that you've gone on doing the same to everyone / why don't you stop now and look at what you've done / hoping the world will understand you / sometimes walls don't exist and you find yourself on the other side / you think that you know best but people don't come from books / hoping the world will understand you
Track Name: Subway Nihilism
in the catatonic city subway nihilism / amphibian lovers pass by in a sabotage of desire / a premonition, an expectation, an explanation would have done / there is a chord between my body sensation and my brain / ungoverned lawless it senses intuitively, vividly, evoking feelings of loss / it's all a matter of crucial timing / i am perplexed by distances, perspective personal public existence, social awkwardness / it makes me consider the subterranean subconscious / the subtleties of my own personality / the hereditary sorrows / I affirm the existence of the lost romantics / switching realities
Track Name: Floating Aground
floating aground / in midnight water / flowers around the neck of the saints / remember white feathers around their feet / people like us before their fate they'd meet / caught in the crossfire / they come with their wagons / over the hills without sound / in a condition of disbelief / how can we heal this collective grief / something about this place I can't explain / it's like waiting for the final rain / floating aground / floating aground / caught in the crossfire / they come with their wagons / over the hills without sound
Track Name: Crossing The Tide
tonight I'll leap into the scarlet air / tonight I'll dive across the sea / go through a tunnel, a tunnel in time / crossing the tide from you to me / the clouds open and close like lips again / what we've become takes after some memory / all contradictions disallowed / each face appears from under life's scenary / it seems to suit me this way now / the clouds etc / think of all the things I'll do when I get home to you / think of all the things I'll do when I get home / tonight etc
Track Name: Dreams Of Falling
I dreamt, dreamt I was falling through / 1000's of miles of nothing / 1000's of miles from you / through stations and thorns that tore me too / I travelled and spun in silence / blown by a paper moon / this distance a silence / a 1000 miles deep / immersed in water / turn back they said / listen to the signs / nothing good will come of this / you're moving on a broken line / last seen / a face at a window / looking out to sea / forgotten for all time / a vague memory / this distance a silence / a 1000 miles deep / immersed in water / dreams of falling / a sailor lost at sea / somewhere he's drifting
Track Name: Black Into Blue
across an empty room / midnight in the afternoon / black into blue / although I can't ignore these questions anymore / what can I do / nothing seems to remain the same / I can't explain / see the sunlight splinter through across this point of view / coming in / going out / slight variations from day to day / corridors with sharp lines increase or undermine whatever I will or will not say / I have this feeling I can't transgress, confusing more with less / see your name in the lost and found / searching all around
Track Name: The Country Girl
what have you done to the country girls / all those years in the cloisters / hair sweet with herbs and country grass / their eyes see not the present but the burning glass / in their eyes relentless vision / throw the knife and kill me quietly, she said / I'm so lost,
I feel like a child again / this city has stolen my soul away / I don't know my way back home / I want to talk to my mother again / I want to walk with my sister / in that time before what have they done etc.